Standards Development

We have strong skills in standardization deployment on most of the current approved standards, even with some that are being pursued. Our team has the capabilities to access to those standards that you may want to acquire and deploy them using the most innovative software engineering tools. Such approach allows fulfilling the requirements established by the documents in a rapid manner and producing a functional prototype in a tight time lapse. We offer:

  • Access to the 3GPP and ETSI standards, and also to those that are being redacted.
  • Emulation over-the-air by transmistting and receiving real signals.
  • Multi CPU and GPU cluster computing.
  • Deployment of the norms using the software engineering tools that are on the top in the State of the Art.
  • Prototyping of such documents using that approach in our specific software platforms.
  • Test your requirements and implement new features that you may consider.
  • Check standard compliancy with robust equipment certified by Agilent Technologies.

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