The A&MSP department

Welcome to the A&MSP department, our department at CTTC. In this page you can encounter information about our activities and achievements.

One of the our goals is to let you know who we are and what are we doing. We are a team specialized in the bottom layers of radio communications. Our group of A&MSP is composed by DoctorsEngineers and Academic Professors.

The work carried at the A&MSP department is related with all communications on the licensed/authorized spectrum access. In detail, we are experts in satellite communications, wireless optical communications, terrestrial communications and signal processing for MIMO communications.

Moreover, we have strong skills and experience and we participated in many international projects with competitive funds. Our skills comprise from the conception of a new idea to the implementation on real prototypes.

Our prototypes are based on Software Defined Radio technologies

Our prototypes are based on Software Defined Radio technologies

Thanks to our knowledge on Software Defined Radio technology, we can expand theoretical approaches to realistic environments and, thus, obtaining fast prototypes.

What can we offer to you

If you are and industrial partner and need assistance of any kind for your firm, we can guide you to boost your revenues by providing innovative solutions. In particular, we are experts in:

  • Generation of new ideas.
  • Developing mathematical fundamental and practical models.
  • Expanding new ideas for solving new paradigms.
  • Examining your particular problems and providing solutions.
  • Transfer our knowledge to you.

We also hold several patents in USA, Japan, China and Europe related with radio communication systems and algorithms.

If you are looking for a partner to improve your technology or you have further questions, contact us.